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Creator and Master Wrapper of Howard & Bow


Introducing Sam, the creative mind behind Howard & Bow, a self-taught gift wrapper driven by a profound love for creating beautiful gifts. With a college minor in art, Sam seamlessly integrates a passion for art, a deep connection with people, and a fervor for celebrations into the tapestry of Howard & Bow's identity. 

For Sam, the true magic lies in translating the visionary desires of generous givers into tangible, stunning gifts. The essence of Sam's work is not just about wrapping gifts but about crafting an entire experience. Gift wrapping is not merely a task; it's a profound passion and a means to materialize the sentiments of excitement, love, and thoughtfulness behind every present. Join Sam on this journey, where gifting transforms into an art, and each present becomes an experience to be treasured.

"Creating an experience is my purpose,

gift wrapping is my passion!" - Sam



Welcome to Howard & Bow, where the vibrant spirit of San Juan, Puerto Rico comes to life through the art of gift wrapping. Born in a culture that celebrates every moment with color and joy, I bring to you a fusion of passion, creativity, and the essence of celebrations. In Puerto Rico, festivities are not just for special occasions—they're a way of life. From embracing life's milestones to cherishing love and connections, our culture finds a reason to celebrate in everything. At Howard & Bow, we embody this spirit, transforming the act of gift-giving into a jubilant experience. Join us as we infuse your presents with the exuberance and warmth of our culture, turning every gift into a symbol of celebration and joy.



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